10 Reasons to Buy from Us

10. For your convenience! If you live in the Strathmore area and you need an oil change, a quick fix, have a question, or just want to come in and have a bag of popcorn and chat, we are a hop, skip and a jump away!

9. Referral Program: we want to pay you for referring customers to us, and wouldn't the easiest referrals be to your friends, family, and neighbours who live in the dealership area? $100 per referral can sure add up!

8. Improve your local economy: when you buy local products, you can expect that wealth is then distributed back locally. For instance, our dealership tries as hard as possible to distribute money to different businesses for our Saturday staff lunches!

7. Comfort: have you ever been to a business and had to wait for a service? Well we will try to make your wait as short as possible BUT if you do find yourself in the lounge you will find delicious movie theatre popcorn, a large selection of Keurig coffee and tea, big comfy chairs, and the access to Netflix on the big screen… we won't bother you if you want to take a nap either!

6. Customer Service: from our sales department to service to parts you can expect top notch customer service. We want to make things as easy as possible for you as we know you lead busy lives.

5. Competitive Prices: you get the best deal because we price competitively in order to compete with Calgary!

4. Family owned: our dealership is a subsidiary of the Murray Auto Group which is truly a family owned business, started 90 years ago! Being family owned, you guessed it… we value family!

3. Inventory: small-town mentality with a big city selection. Whatever you are looking for we already have and in the off chance we don't, we will find it for you!

2. Our Owner: have you ever been to a dealership where you can meet the owner during your visit? Our owner Paul Murray is eager to meet you. In fact, his office is located right off the showroom floor. He loves to get to know our customers and their stories.

1. THE PEOPLE! Our culture at the dealership is extremely rare and something we are very proud of. We are extremely welcoming and love to have fun. We practice a laid back, full disclosure business process. We don't take ourselves too serious but we take your business seriously.

contributed by: Selby Jessiman

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