2020 RAM 2500 vs RAM 3500

2020 RAM 2500 vs RAM 3500

When it comes to workhorse trucks that can handle the tough stuff, the RAM Heavy Duty range is already a hugely popular and capable choice. And with a new update released for the new year, RAM looks set to continue their recent success.


There are several RAM models available for 2020, but two of the most popular are the three-quarter-ton RAM 2500 and the one-ton RAM 3500. Both boast a similar range of features but are aimed at slightly different markets, as this RAM Heavy trucks comparison shows.


2020 RAM 2500 vs RAM 3500 Front Look


Powertrain and Performance


The standard engine is the same on both trucks and is a gasoline mill familiar from previous RAMs. The 6.4L V8 produces a hefty 410 horsepower and 429lb-ft of torque, all pushed through a responsive eight-speed automatic transmission.


Alternatively, there's the option of a turbocharged 6.7L i-6 diesel engine, also available on both models. This choice features a lower horsepower at 370, but produces an impressive 850lb-ft of torque passed through the six-speed automatic transmission.


Finally, if you're looking for real power, the RAM 3500HD offers a meatier version of the diesel engine, producing 400 horsepower and a stunning 1,000lb-ft of torque.


But numbers aside, all the RAM powertrains provide enough power to handle daily tasks with ease, with plenty in reserve for the tougher jobs you'll need them to tackle from time to time.


Towing Capacity


The ample power provided by both the 2500 and 3500 models translates into good towing capacity figures. However, the different configurations available have drastic effects on the official ratings.


At the lower end of the range, the off-road-oriented 2500 Crew Cab Power Wagon has a maximum capacity of 4,817kg, while the top-end 3500 Regular Cab 4x2 manages a mammoth 15,921kg.


The various other versions of the trucks have capacities somewhere between these extremes, so it's advisable to check carefully before choosing a particular model if towing is an important criterion.


Exterior Looks


Both models are good-looking trucks, with the sleeker, more modern RAM stylings first introduced in the 1500 model. However, as you'd expect with the size differences between the 2500 and the 3500, they're not identical. The 3500 has a larger grille and a more imposing feel, while the 2500 is slightly more compact and streamlined.


Pricing Details


As of writing, the manufacturer's recommended prices in Canada start at $44,745 for the RAM 2500, with the RAM 3500 coming in a thousand bucks more at $45,745 for the entry-level model.


Decision Time: 2020 RAM 2500 vs 2020 RAM 3500


Both vehicles offer an excellent truck experience, with plenty of power behind their impressive exteriors.


However, the differences in torque and other performance factors are key to deciding which one to buy. If sheer power under tough conditions is important, and you need to haul heavy loads with great towing capability, then the impressively high torque of the RAM 3500 makes it the model to go for.


On the other hand, if you want a more responsive and sprightly truck without the extra grunt of the 3500, then the slightly lighter and speedier RAM 2500 will fit the bill, offering better fuel economy into the bargain.


But whichever model best suits your needs, the RAM 2500 and 3500 are both at the head of the heavy-duty pickup pack for 2020.

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