Benefits of Buying a Used RAM Truck

Benefits of Buying a Used RAM Truck

When you are searching for a new-to-you vehicle, it can be difficult to figure out whether you should buy new or used. There are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios, but there is one big reason why buying a used Ram Truck in Calgary makes more sense than buying a brand-new Ram truck. And that reason is money.


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In terms of finances, buying a used vehicle almost always makes better sense than buying a new vehicle. Of course, there are some exceptions, especially in terms of popular vehicles that hold their value very well. However, you will almost always find that buying used keeps more money in your pocket while still providing you with the vehicle you want. First, the initial price tag is obviously cheaper on a used Ram truck than a new one. If you want specific features on your truck, new vehicles are locked into a price point that really won't go any lower. On the other hand, shopping for a used truck will provide you with a variety of price points. You can adjust your range for model year, mileage, features, and more to get to the price that you want to pay.


Variety of Models


To go along with this, used trucks offer you more variety in the models available to you. If you are looking at new trucks, you have the latest model year and that's it. With used trucks, you can see which design you like the best, which door configuration, which color, which wheel size, etc. If you want more reliability or a different capability than the newest model year offers, a pre-owned truck will allow you to explore those options.


Avoid Initial Depreciation


A second point in terms of finances is that you avoid the initial depreciation when buying a used truck. A popular saying is that you lose 10% of the vehicle's value by just driving it off the dealership's lot. After the first year, your truck's worth will have dropped by more than 20%. That means that if you spent $50,000 on a new truck, it is worth $45,000 as soon as you drive it home. It's worth less than $40,000 after the first year of ownership, yet you probably still owe more than that on your auto loan! This is especially true if you didn't put any money down or trade in another vehicle.


Avoid the Wear and Tear


Going along with depreciation, a third reason to buy a used Ram truck instead of a new one is to avoid the initial wear and tear on the vehicle. If you are using the truck to haul or tow items or go off-roading, your sparkly, shiny, pristine truck is going to be scratched up in no time. If you don't want to worry every time you load something into the bed of your truck or park it next to other vehicles at the supermarket, go for a used truck that has already seen some of the hardships of the world.


There is a market for used Ram trucks, as well as new Ram trucks. If you want to keep some cash in your pocket and open your options so you can get exactly what you want, then a used Ram truck is right for you.


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