Easy-to-Understand RAM 1500 Service and Maintenance Guide

Easy-to-Understand RAM 1500 Service and Maintenance Guide

Winner of MotorTrend's "Truck of the Year" award for two years in a row, RAM trucks offer buyers unparalleled levels of performance, durability, and legendary RAM toughness. But, even the world's most rugged vehicles need regular routine maintenance. When serviced regularly, RAM trucks perform better and last longer than any other vehicle on the road today. Here's a simple guide that will help you get the most out of, and keep your RAM 1500 in tip-top shape.



Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

An Oil change is probably the most common type of maintenance you will perform on your RAM truck. Your RAM truck comes equipped with an automatic oil change indicator. This system sends an alert - usually between 6,500 and 16,000 kilometres. The RAM's oil change alert system adapts to your driving habits and sends an alert when it's time to change the oil, and the oil filter. If you live in an extremely hot, or cold climate, for instance, the system will recommend more frequent service. Other factors that the system takes into account include, if you use E85 fuel, take a lot of short trips, or regularly tow heavy loads. Regardless of warnings, you should change your oil and oil filter at least every 16,000 kilometres if you use synthetic oil, or every 8,000 kilometres with traditional oil.


Rotate the Tires

Front and rear tires wear differently because of the fact that the front tires steer left and right, and the rear tires always point forward. If you don't rotate them on a regular schedule, the front tires will wear out along the edges much quicker than the rear tires. The RAM 1500 maintenance guide recommends rotating the tires with each oil change, or sooner if uneven wear is present.


Check the Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure leads to all sorts of problems. Your RAM 1500 will burn more fuel due to the extra resistance caused by improperly inflated tires. You may also experience steering issues depending which tires are low on air. Lastly, underinflated tires also wear quicker than those with the correct pressure. RAM recommends checking your truck's tire pressure once a month, or before long road trips.


Change the Windshield Wipers

Even with minimum use, windshield wipers degrade over time. Your RAM service guide recommends inspecting the wipers with each oil change, and replacing them as needed. The guide also suggests checking the windshield washer fluid levels at least once a month or before a long road.


Change the Engine Air Filter

A new engine air filter keeps your RAM's motor humming like new. Recommended intervals for air filter replacement are every three years or 48,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.


Change the Cabin Air Filter

You RAM 1500 has a cabin air filter tucked away behind its glove box. This filter keeps the RAM's interior air quality at its best. The RAM guide recommends changing the cabin air filter every two years or 16,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.


Your RAM guide also recommends that you, our your RAM service technician, inspect the brake system, the engine cooling system, and the exhaust system at every oil change.

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