Truck Detailing Guide | Everything You Need to Know!

Truck Detailing Guide | Everything You Need to Know!

A good truck is a workhorse that will last a lifetime - but only if it's looked after. Careful truck maintenance is essential to keep it running smoothly, but it's not just about servicing the mechanical parts.


Detailing keeps your truck looking and feeling like a new model. It makes it more enjoyable to drive, and also helps to keep the bodywork and interior in good shape for longer.


Truck Detailing Guide | Everything You Need to Know!


But while hiring a professional detailer could easily cost you over a hundred dollars each time, learning DIY truck detailing is easy, saves you money, and is also a very satisfying task for a true truck enthusiast. Here's how to do it.


An Easy Truck Detailing Guide in Eleven Steps


1) Use an air compressor to blow dirt and debris out from their hiding places, both inside and out. Clear out every crevice and cranny in the interior, leaving the dirt on the carpets for dealing with later. Do the same on the outside, paying particular attention to the grilles, inlets, vents, and wheel arches.


2) Use a stiff brush to loosen up the dust on your truck's upholstery, carpets, and floor mats. This makes it much easier to vacuum up the mess using either a dedicated auto vacuum or a domestic model with attachments.


3) Remove all floor mats and other loose items from inside your truck and clean them separately by scrubbing and shampooing. Leave them outside of the truck to dry.


4) Vacuum, scrub and shampoo the interior carpets and seats from top to bottom.


5) Spray all the soft interior surfaces with a waterproofing protectant to help keep stains out. Importantly, only use products specially designed for each individual surface you treat.


6) Next, move on to the tires. Scrub them carefully using a properly formulated tire cleaner product and a car wash brush. Avoid using ordinary household detergents, as these are often acidic and can degrade the tire surface.


7) Use a rubber sealant protector to clean and strengthen and the seals around windows, doors, and mirrors.


8) Clean the windows inside and out with a streak-free glass cleaner, and use the same cleaner on your interior and exterior mirrors. Avoid using ammonia-based products as accidental splashes can damage the upholstery.


9) Wash the bodywork using a car-wash shampoo and mitten, starting at the top and working down. Don't be tempted to visit an automated vehicle washer instead, as they can be too abrasive on the paintwork.


10) After drying the bodywork completely, working quickly to stop dust settling, use car polish to smooth and refresh the paintwork. Then, wax it to add protection from scratches and scuffs and help repel grime.


11) Lastly, buff up all your truck's chrome trims and grilles using a chrome or metal cleaner to add that final shine.


As you can see, a full truck detail takes a lot of work to do properly. However, don't be tempted to rush through the job. Returning your truck to as-new condition will be a satisfying reward for the few hours you spend working on it.

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