What Makes the Dodge Grand Caravan Canada's Favourite Family Car?

What Makes the Dodge Grand Caravan Canada's Favourite Family Car?

The Dodge Grand Caravan is a stalwart of Canada's family car market. With a successful history stretching back 35 years, it's consistently picked up great reviews, awards, and healthy sales figures throughout that time.


But what makes it such a favourite? It's all down to the great combination of family-friendly features it offers at a wallet-friendly price.


Spacious and Comfortable


Families come in all sizes, but the Grand Caravan is dependably big enough to cope. Spacious and able to seat seven people in comfort, it can carry the whole family without making trips back and forth, and it can help out with carpool duties equally easily.


Dodge Grand Caravan Comfortable and spacious Interior


What's more, with up to 140 cubic feet of cargo capacity the Grand Caravan won't let you down when you've a load you need to carry across town. And if that's not enough, for even larger cargo needs it has a towing capacity of 1,633kg.


Efficient High Performance


For a workhorse family car, you need power you can rely on day by day. The Dodge's 3.6L V6 engine pumps out 283 horsepower with 260lb-ft torque, giving you enough performance in reserve for safety and comfort in any situation.



But this power doesn't come at a high cost. With fuel economy figures of 13.7 / 100km for regular city driving and an impressive 9.4 / 100km on the highway, this is among the most fuel-efficient minivans you can find. Combine this with the 75L gas tank and you'll cover plenty of distance between fill-ups.


Great Interior Features


Although a typical family car will spend plenty of time on short city trips, all parents know that longer journeys can be difficult for everyone if boredom sets in. The Dodge Grand Caravan is very well equipped with entertainment features to make even the longest journeys pass quickly and enjoyably.


2020 Dodge caravan interior and exterior design


Standard interior features include:


  • Charging points for mobile devices and handheld games
  • Full entertainment system controlled by a 6.5" touchscreen.
  • Full audio system including radio, CD, MP3 powering six speakers.


There's also plenty of storage space in overhead bins, cubbies, and seat-back nets, so you can put everything in place to be fully prepared for your trip.


Vital Safety Features


Lastly, for a family car safety and security should be a number one priority, and the Grand Caravan passes this test with flying colours. As well as standard equipment including a full range of airbags to protect every occupant in a collision, there are also plenty of extra safety features to help you avoid trouble.


  • Blind spot monitoring to reduce collisions.
  • Rear back-up camera and sensors for safety while reversing.
  • Automatic anti-lock braking system to keep you in control.
  • Electronic stability control to maintain predictable handling in all conditions.
  • Low tire pressure warning.
  • Side impact beams.
  • Rear child safety locks.


Put all these benefits together and it's not hard to see why this family minivan deserves its place as Canada's favourite. To test drive the Dodge Grand Caravan in Calgary, please book an appointment or call in to our Canal Avenue office and we'll be happy to help.

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