When is transmission flush needed?

When is transmission flush needed?

Owning a car comes with maintenance tasks. One of them includes getting a transmission flush regularly -- usually about every couple of years. However, there are times when you'll need one outside of your normal schedule. It's a good idea to know when a transmission flush is needed as well as how to check if your car needs a transmission flush. Let's take a look at the following ways you can tell when your car needs a transmission flush.

When Is a Transmission Flush Needed?


Thankfully, your vehicle will give you some signs along the way, indicating that it's time for a transmission flush. If you haven't been keeping close track of when you've done it last, you can be sure to have some indicators. These are:

Making Strange Sounds

If you begin to hear the transmission making some grinding sounds, this could be a sign of dirt getting into the fluid. You can check the color of your fluid while the car is still running. It should be red and not dirty brown looking.

It Doesn't Shift Smoothly

Everyone is probably familiar with how your car feels when the transmission starts to slip. The rpm's will rev up when you try to go from one gear to the next and it hesitates before it changes to the next gear.

Slipping Transmission

When you're driving and you feel the transmission actually slipping (losing power to the gears), then this is a clear sign you may have contaminated transmission fluid that needs to be flushed out.

Surging Car

If you are idling in your vehicle and it suddenly tries to lurch forward or backward for no reason, then this may potentially mean there is not enough flow of clean transmission fluid to function properly.

Car Is Not Taking Off Right Away

If you notice a delay when you push on the accelerator or your car a few seconds before catching and moving forward, then that could be a sign of contaminated transmission fluid.

Next Steps

When you notice any of the signs above indicating that your car is in need of a transmission flush, then it's critical to get your vehicle to a certified service centre. If you prolong getting the transmission fluid flushed, it could result in additional problems. If you wait and continue driving your vehicle with dirty or contaminated transmission fluid, it can cause a problem with your transmission. You may end up damaging your transmission.


Make an Appointment For Service

Setting up your service appointment is the next step in the process. At Murray Strathmore, our service technicians are experienced and equipped at flushing transmission fluid for our customers. You can schedule an appointment by calling us at (403) 902-0910. A friendly service representative will assist you with any questions you may have about your vehicle.

We are here to make your experience as seamless as possible by offering options for making your appointment. You can use this handy online service tool to book your appointment now.

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