Why Are My Brakes Making a Weird Sound?

Why Are My Brakes Making a Weird Sound?

So you're driving happily down the highway, and at cruising speed everything's running smoothly. But as you press down on the brake pedal, you start to hear a weird and unfamiliar noise. Maybe it's a light squealing sound, or maybe it's a much more noticeable grinding of metal on metal.


Either way, it's not a good sign, and definitely not one you should ignore. Any potential problems with brakes should be checked out by an expert as soon as possible, both for safety and to prevent any damage getting worse.


But in the meantime, what are the most common causes of unusual brake noises?


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1) Brake Pads Are Wearing or Worn


The most common cause of strange sounds from your brakes is that the brake pads are starting to wear out, or have even become dangerously worn already. While this is potentially serious, it's not too late to save the situation without spending a fortune.


Having the brake pads checked and replaced is much less expensive than hoping the problem goes away. Leave it too long and the brake rotors could be badly damaged, which will need a much more expensive and disruptive repair.


Importantly, if your car starts to make a constant squealing sound while you're driving, and it becomes louder as you brake, this is a sure sign that the brake pads are wearing out but aren't yet badly damaged. Modern brake mechanisms use an in-built wear indicator specially designed to make this noise as a loud and unmistakable warning to get your brakes inspected.


2) Poor Quality Replacement Brake Parts


However, even relatively new brake pads can make strange noises if they're not high-quality parts. If your car is an older used model, you might not know if the original brake pads have been replaced by cheaper aftermarket ones to save the previous owner some money.


Every car will need a brake repair sooner or later, and it's always a good idea to use genuine Mopar parts which will last the distance and give superior performance.


3) Dirt or Debris in the Mechanism


The final common cause of an unusual brake noise is something caught up in the mechanism. Anything from a small grain of sand up to a pebble or stick fragment can become lodged in your brakes as you drive, and cause the grinding noise with even the lightest touch of the pedal.


Luckily, this is usually a simple brake repair to make, but it's still sensible to have an expert take a look to prevent further damage and ensure safety.


Whatever the ultimate reason for the weird noises your brakes are making, it's important to get it checked out as soon as possible. Smaller problems can often be fixed relatively inexpensively before a full brake replacement becomes necessary, with all the costs that involves.


But much more importantly, any risk of a sudden brake failure is a risk you shouldn't take. For your own safety and peace of mind, book a service soon to make sure your brakes are in safe, fully working condition.

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