Dodge, Jeep, RAM and Chrysler Oil Changes in Strathmore


When it comes to changing your oil, we tend to get questions regarding the type of oil, frequency of oil changes, why oil is important to your engine and best practices. Below you will find answers to some of these questions you may have yourself. Looking for clarification on your vehicle? Our service department would love to help with any remaining questions or concerns you may have!

You should refer to your owner's manual for your proper oil change interval. If you drive a 2008 or newer Chrysler, Dodge, JeepĀ® or Ram, the oil change indicator system will alert you when you need to change your oil. Vehicles built prior to 2008 follow a 3 month 5,000 km oil change interval. When you do need it changed, our Service Reception Lane can get it done! Plus we do lots of courtesy checkups and top off fluids with every oil change. It doesn't matter what make or model your vehicle is - We do them all!

When do I need to change my oil?

Depending on how your vehicle is equipped, the oil change indicator system can display various messages (change oil soon / change oil now) and will indicate the percentage of oil life remaining.

A fixed oil change indicator system was first introduced in the 2008 model year and is similar to the new variable oil change indicator system introduced for the 2013 model year. Advancements in engine design, engine oil formulation, and vehicle electronics allow for the extension of engine oil change intervals. These advancements reduce the environmental impact of oil changes and help reduce ownership and maintenance costs.

The new system utilizes a fully variable algorithm and monitors driving habits, hardware differences and environmental conditions continuously compared to the previous system that did not adjust the oil drain interval beyond 5,600 kilometers. Also, the new system supports, "Percent Oil Life Remaining" dash display along with the "Change Oil Soon" and "Change Oil Now" dash display features.

What type of oil should I be using for Chrysler, Dodge, JeepĀ® or Ram?

There are three kinds of engine oil; regular, blended and synthetic, and there are many viscosities like 10w40 or 20w50 for example. For your best advice, refer to your owner's manual for the proper viscosity and type. No matter what make or model your vehicle is, we can take care of changing the oil, plus, we do a whole list of courtesy checkups with every oil change. Bring your vehicle Murray Chrysler Strathmore and we'll take care of your oil change needs!

WATCH the video below to learn the benefits of synthetic oil VS convention oils.